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Channelled through Whitefeather 3.7.09

Dear Ones, I come to remind you of your true roots, you are ancestral beings with a heritage that comes from the stars, here to create a loving, healing frequency upon the Earth Mother, thus bringing balance.
It is the soul purpose of Lightworkers to raise the vibrations from ones of fear, greed, despair and negativity, to ones of pure, compassionate love, generosity, benevolence and beauty.
When you do this, then the Golden Age of Peace so many speak of and your Earthly legends have prophesised, will come about. You must all now realise that you hold the potential for this Golden time within yourselves, you are all capable of raising your own vibrations to emit love and compassion, to bring all peoples, all children of the Earth, together in a frequency of balance and harmony.
It is the destiny of all of you when you chose to incarnate on the Earth at this time, but so many of you have forgotten this and have become shrouded in your man made blankets of deceit, lies, greed and ego. You are that which you think and feel, you have all created the current state of affairs on your planet, all of you, some through their direct actions, others through inaction, turning a blind eye because it is on the other side of the world and does not affect or concern you - oh but it does dear ones, of course it concerns you, it concerns all of you.
You are all, whether materially or spiritually rich, whether materially or spiritually poor, you are all able to make a difference, one way or the other, positive or negative, to make a change to the way you think, act and respond. Chaos and challenges only occur because you choose to see them that way. There is nothing you cannot change, nothing you cannot transmute - Alchemy - remember, Alchemy dear ones, transmute your thoughts and actions, transmute, remake, transcend, remodel and rebuild if necessary. You all have the ability to do this.
To do this dear ones, the changes you talk about and discuss in your circles and communities, can only happen when you look within yourselves and stop laying blame on another, learn to love yourselves, then love all others as you do yourself. If you do not love yourself, then you cannot love another truly.

If you wish to walk hand in hand with the other celestial beings, the Masters as you call us, you must first master yourselves. To migrate to the 5th Dimension, to the new world of the Golden Age, you must embrace the fact that you are all, each and every one of you, regardless of colour, class or creed, a self sustaining being that is an interconnected part of all that exists, just as all that exists is an interconnected part of yourself.
You are all creators, you are all Gods and goddesses, each with a unique role in the destiny of humanity. Never underestimate yourselves, never feel you are less or more, than another, for all are equal, all part of the same essence,, yet unique also. So, your destinies are to raise the consciousness and personal vibrations of yourselves and every being you come into contact with, in so doing, you each have the ability to create a new and firm foundation for humanity to step into the Golden Age. When you each value yourselves as a God or Goddess, as a creator, then you will begin to understand what a valuable Spirit of the Light, from the Stars that you truly are. Your souls are the souls of the Celestial Beings of Light that chose to be on the Earth at this time so you could bring about the next level of humanities existence. We are here to help you realise this.
Know that you are all part of the Great Oneness of Life, yet you still think you are all so different. You are not. You are another me, you are another Archangel, another God or Goddess, you are another beggar who sits by the wayside and you are another King or Queen with fur lined robes and jewels. You are all each other, all share the same DNA, the same star essence. You only appear different because of the cultures you were born into, the religious information you were fed, the social standing you have or have not achieved. But none of these things matter, what matters now, is that you acknowledge the star seed within you, embrace the light of the universe that each and everyone of you carry buried beneath your blankets. Throw off those blankets dear children, allow your light to shine like the star light that you all are.
It is time to awaken dear ones, realise your connectedness, realise life is not good or bad, life just is. What you perceive as negative, bad or evil, is really only a lack of light, you are that light, the speck in the Yin Yang symbol, the light that helps to restore balance and harmony, for like the Yin Yang symbol, the core of each lies within the other.

Now, those that are valiantly working as Lightworkers at this time, are becoming truly powerful as they awaken to even more potential than they ever imagined, but with this comes a responsibility to reach out to those still stuck in the lower vibrations and guide them to find the light within themselves, to unlock their own potential also. I would also urge those already working with the Light, to anchor as much Love in the Earth as is possible and clearly visualise it traveling around the Earth to reach people who are all connected to you even though you will never meet or know them, for they are all each a part of you also, as am I.
Blessings Dear Ones, Star Lights, Merlin.

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EXCELLENT! We are ONE. Finding this connection requires each of us going into deep silence daily. That vibration will eminate to others and peace will be a wave that will reach out to the rest of humanity.


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