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Merlin on Transformative Powers of 11:11:11

Dear Ones, I wish to talk about the intense year many of you have been experiencing as you have been working at soul level to clear deep levels of long held emotional baggage. Everyone on the Earth Mother has been given this opportunity to cleanse, clear and reappraise their lives at this time. Many of you still fight this process and are not where you heart desires you to be.
For some time now, many of you have become over loaded with stress and anxieties, for some this has shown as ill health, for others, loss of careers or loved ones, your homes and immense emotional baggage moving to the surface with issues of blame and denial. Yes, I have spoken of this before, but still it is an issue with many. One must ask oneself if, the stress and anxiety, pain and hurt you cause yourself and others, really necessary ? Is it really worth it in the end ? I think not my dear children, I think not.
I know many are suffering financial problems also, often not of their own making, but from breakdowns in your official channels, governments and other people. But you must understand that what you place value on is what will be heightened in your life. Many caught in the monetary traps that your governments have perpetuated, believing that money has value, power and influence. Dear ones, your monetary system has no real value, the important aspects to reintroduce to your world are to do with balancing emotions, mental attitudes, physical health and spirituality. Your attitudes to these aspects of your lives will determine that state of your life.
If your state of health is not good, then you must ask yourself if you are doing all you can to promote positive health. If your mental abilities have deserted you, then is it because you are allowing others to think for you and make all your decisions for you ? If you feel you are an emotional wreck and cannot face the responsibilities of your everyday life and who you are, then you must examine your own life and ask is it truly what you desire ? Do you always promise yourself you will find time to explore your own feelings or spirituality but somehow never manage to do this ? Then you must examine your own attitudes to these things and ask yourself if they are really what you want to be doing ? You must learn to alter your consciousness and your levels of perceptions in order to understand your own interconnectedness and the responsibilities that go with this fact.
When you live in the moment and are aware of how your own actions, inactions and reactions are interacting with others and may be helping or indeed harming another, which comes back around to create the life you are currently leading all over again as if to confirm your own suspicious and feelings. Such a vicious and unnecessary circle of negativity.
It is the human condition to create a box around oneself that tries to protect you from the things you fear, all the things your world is currently exhibiting. These act as distractions to the real issues going on inside yourself. Healing cannot begin until you open the box and look inside yourself for the problems.
Life will continue to get harder for many as you move your Earth world into your year 2010. Truths can no longer remain hidden, fact and fiction will become separated and clear for all to see, and this will be personal as well as global. Sciences and the metaphysical studies will begin to resonate with each other as your sciences begin to understand what the spiritual disciplines have been saying for many centuries. Those light workers whose beliefs have been laughed at by your current sciences, will find a voice from within these recognised parameters and establishments and so will become accepted more readily by the people at large - because science is now telling them ‘this is so’ .
But Lightworkers, I urge you not to gloat in the ‘I told you so’ , that is not the way, instead you must continue to spread your wise words and inner knowledge so that it to can find its way into the main body of belief systems. As Lightworkers you are ahead of your time and must continue to spread your truths until all sciences come to acknowledge and understand the interconnectedness of all life. This revelation within the sciences will herald breakthroughs in serious diseases and the way in which they are studied. This shifting of energies will also cause more displacements upon the Earth Mother and She will shake and roll yet more, veils of deception cannot find a hiding place any more and will be shaken into the light. Dear Ones, you are all capable of change, you all have the Divine spark within you, but for some, for this spark to shine brightly, they must first throw off the negativities they are holding onto, for their own inner violet flame to burn brightly, they must each wake up to themselves and their true heart self. During this process of awakening, loved ones and friends may act strangely, violently, or recede into themselves, often, they will blame the light workers or their families and loved ones for their own unhappiness and discontent. Know that in many instances, you are in fact a catalyst for their wake up call, and I urge you once again not to take things personally despite what is being said or done to or about you. It is neither your fault nor is it their own. It is simply their time for heir wake up process and you are only caught in their chaos because you choose to be or have chosen to help in their awakening process on a soul level. Lightworkers, know this is their process and you must not carry blame or guilt for another’s actions, reactions and interactions. Neither must you blame them for blaming you, this only keeps the cycle going. Take comfort in the fact that this is simply the awakening process in progress. Have patience that the truths will come forth in the end and all will be seen for how it really is.
You must all acknowledge that you are Divine spirits, Divine creators and so you can create your own worlds. Do you create pain and upset, hurt and destruction ? Or do you create beauty, joy, grace and healing? You each have choices and yes, dear ones, I have said Choices many many times. You must find the way unique to each of you that returns you to your soul selves. It is this struggle to return to centre that is causing so much disconnection and discontent amongst so many of you. Lightworkers, you must be strong and patient with those who still are still struggling, remember your own journeys and use the lessons you learnt to help others find themselves. If at first they deny you the chance to help them, then be patient, work quietly and diligently to shower them with Love, Haling and Positive Light. This very act, albeit unseen, can be a significant source of comfort to them even if they do not know from whence it comes, or even if they do not know it is there for them, it will still be working for them.
Also, it is important to come together with others who are travelling the same journey with you and have reached the same stage of enlightenment as yourselves so that you can bolster each other in times of need, this will give you each the impetus you each need to keep going and not give up in the face of adversity or despair. You are each facing similar situations and changes, many of which are global or governmental issues affecting the masses. You must become shoulders of stability for each other so that collectively you can continue to help and guide those still awakening. It is time to use all your resources, all your accumulated knowledge from previous lifetimes, your leadership skills and intuitiveness to help others on their own journey to becoming enlightened Lightworker.

To create peace in your world, to create peace in your lives, to create peace in your relationships, you must create peace deep within yourselves first. Act on what you intuitively know, even if others cannot understand or argue against you, even if the world says you are wrong, even if you head fills you with doubt of being unqualified, know that you must trust your heart self. You can begin this trust process for yourselves and as an intention for others at the significant time of 11:11:11 (11/11/2009). This is one of the Master numbers of the universe and so is a powerful catalyst for change and transformation. I call to all Lightworkers to call others together on this significant date to perform ceremonies for transformation in the human consciousness. The work started on the 11:11:11 (11/11/2009) can be brought to fruition and consolidated further on the second 11:11:11 (29/11/2009 - numbers added together give 11/11/11).
These two significant dates in one of your calendar months is an important portal for activating and anchoring higher frequency energies into the heart self and into the Earth Mother for the greater good of all humanity.
Many of your world have been suffering dis-harmonies in the heart and throat chakra’s, these manifest in physical ways such a heart dysfunctions and diseases, throat and lung infections and diseases to battles of the will and mind fought with weapons of words which cause pain in the heart. Many have spoken problems into existence that did not exist previously, as a way of justifying their own actions and choices to ignore issues that a few simple words of communication could have healed and so erased the enormous amount of pain and unrest that has been caused. Now is the time to use the 11:11:11 dates to change your world with positive energy for the transformation of everything that is not in Balance and Harmony. However Dear Ones, Balance and Harmony is not necessarily how you may choose to see it. You must learn the difference between what your head desires and what your heart truly knows. The heart always wants Balance and Harmony that is in accordance with the Cosmic Lore’s. The head wants balance and harmony that is in keeping with the physical self and the ego, and that my dear ones, is rarely in accordance with ones higher self.
This imbalance is what causes so much stress in the body and mind of humanity. The transformative powers of the 11:11:11 is truly an alchemical process in which humanity can realign itself with its true purpose and so live in Balance and Harmony on the Earth and with each other.
You are all Divine creators and so must use the power of the 11:11:11 to create the transformations necessary, this is like a great vat of wisdom, beauty and love waiting for the final ingredient, YOU. You are all the final ingredient necessary to make the transformations complete. You are infinite beings, capable of wielding great powers for healing and positive change. 11:11:11 is a magical alchemical number and you dear children, are the final ingredients in the alchemical process that can combine all the wisdom, love, beauty and healing powers together, without you, it cannot happen fully or completely.
The ceremonies for 11:11:11 (11/11/2009 and 29/11/2009) must be worked twofold on both occasions. On the first 11th hour (11am) of the each 11:11:11 you must step aside and stop whatever you are doing and work on your own transformational process in whatever way is correct for you. Connect with your heart centre and listen to your true inner self. Then on the second 11th hour, (11pm) of each 11:11:11 you must work in groups with other like minded people to perform transformative energy anchoring ceremony for he Earth Mother. This twofold energy transformation process is necessary to take full advantage of the alchemical powers available to you on this auspicious occasion. Remember, alchemy is a process of transformation, not a single act, but a progressive movement towards a desired outcome.
During the first transformational process on the first 11th hour (11am) of each 11:11:11, still yourselves and seek the quiet voice of inner knowing and wisdom deep within yourself, deep inside your heart centre. You must then bring that knowing up through the body and into the throat chakra and physically voice that inner wisdom, voice the inner desires of the heart, commit them to parchment (paper) so you can work with them daily and create your hearts desires and not your head’s desires. The head’s ego must be left out of the alchemical process. For too long it has ruled and ruined your lives and your world. Commit yourselves to carrying out your hearts true desire.
At the second 11th hour (11pm), join with others in groups to grid crystals and anchor the transformative and healing powers of beauty, love and peace into the Earth and your world. Bring down the Violet flame and let it fill the crystals and pour into the Earth Mother and spread around the Earth mixing with those of other groups doing exactly the same thing as yourselves. This is a powerful time for humanity and so I must ask you, will you be a part of it ? I urge you all to step up to this challenge of the Master number 11 and be a part of the change. Will you step away from the mundane on the first 11th hour of each occasion ? Will you dare to defy conditioned ethic’s of the material world that you have created ? Will you resist the urge to ignore this universal alchemical call to power and finally step into your true selves ? Will you be part of the change ?
I leave you with my blessings. Merlin.

Channelled by Whitefeather 2/11/09

*NOTE - words in brackets are mine - Whitefeather.

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