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Sedona Locals Forum for connections to current affairs info and gardening tips

We will be hosting this forum for Local Sedona's to have at least on touch stone of connection to each other outside other social media platforms to focus more on how locals are doing and how we DIY for ourselves and assist others who need it best as possible.

Anyone is aloud to contribute who is a member but anyone can view if they want to as well. The goal is to share good ideas and vibrations. The focus is sharing current world wide feedback on current affairs aside from politics the focus is about immune system building, gardening starter ideas, connecting with and remembering Mother Earth to be able to be calm in trying times.

I've known the Sedona community going on 18 years this May. My initiation into this community included crisis management training when Martin Gray had a near fatally tragic 70 ft fall and I witnessed all the community volunteers come together quite naturally to insure Martin pulled through and I also became a volunteer along with Steve Schliebs 4hours every weekend Sat & Sun for 3 months. That experience was a great teacher for me to witness a DIY community to take charge and to see things through. 

Many of my friends who have supported me and this vision with this platform for years are here already. We can share threads here and anyone can review them, members or non members. This has always been my vision to have a platform to connect people locally and internationally in tough times to glean the best we all have to share with each other. We have seen some of the worst I want to focus on the best we can do.

Let's grow some gardens and check in on each other the best we can. Be Cool and let's innovate instead of........ 

Trust you are well and keeping your chin up. The skies have been so blue that is at least one silver lining that I can count... At very bottom will be resources for best suggested remedies for current crisis from many of the sources that have been sent my way.

I wanted you all to know how much gratitude I hold in my heart for all the ups and downs that I got to experience while knowing you all. What a ride! There have been some really scary times. Having the touch stones of physical embrace with family have been one of the key staples in getting through those tough times.


Now we have been told an invisible virus is creeping amongst us, any where and every where, so beware, be very very aware. Okay, I am aware and something does not add up here mathematically and whenever the media hits us with non stop 24-7 whatever the topic is, something is off....

There will be as many opinions as there are people and ideas. But the truth is, we all have bits and pieces of the truth. Keeping us separated keeps us from each other keeps us comparing notes in person.


All things considered I'm mostly doing what I'm usually doing in my studio creating ways to bring people together to share energy and ideas. To investigate a generic topic like "ancient civilization" as a common thread for the fabric of common unity. With the belief that the investigation of exploring the ancient past will instigate an introspection into ourselves.


The Earth Origins 2020 event that I have been creating for this May 15-17 now becoming a Live Stream Virtual Conference has 2 main themes behind the event (which I have not yet been able reveal due to the current crisis that has taken precedent):

  1. Make Earth Green Again. Graham Hancock said last year at "America Before" that Lidar revealed to scientists that the Amazon Rainforest was cultivated by humans. Imagine that for a moment.... Everyone can grow some a garden at home, everyone can plant a tree, everyone can stop buying dead Christmas trees and plant a live one instead, etc. etc. etc.
  2. A Common Nemesis. It's seems like all known civilizations need to create an enemy as one way to create common unity, so that we will fight together and use our collective individual abilities to achieve a common goal. Another very good point from Graham and many another researchers like Randall Carlson is that each year twice a year we literally face an invisible threat that most are not even aware of, Asteroids and Meteorites. There is an alternative to have Asteroids or Meteorites as enemies rather then each other.... Now we have a more immediate invisible enemy in our midsts....

My whole point in this dissertation that I'm sharing with you all, was to let you know what I've been working on before all of this crisis came rolling into our lives. And here are some of the things I know a lot of people have already been doing for years but included are some resources for home gardens and to connect with others who.

  • Have space to grow food but need help getting starting
  • Have space but need help with man power and/or resources
  • Have all of the above but want to share with others how to get started
  • Have growing skills, tools, seeds, or just want to share resources
  • We have lots of crafts people in our community from soaps, sanitizers, recipes for cooking etc. that could use currency and support rather then dumping tons of money on cooperate goods

I'm utilizing my own social media platforms as they were always designed to do: to create connections between people and activate the mosaic of potential we all are to extract the best actions with most effective results from what we are already doing and what is right in front of us now. 

Since we now have lots of time on our hands.... (hahahaha) "Gardens for Victory" "We Can Do It" WWll slogans were used basically to get people working toward a common goal. What could be better then growing some food and growing some trees. Simple basic thing we can all do "A-POLITICAL" generic common unity, as basic as it gets. Good for Mother Earth and good for people to connect with Mother Earth where ever they are now.

Due to the current emergency crisis we have the unique opportunity to not overwhelm ourselves with worry / fear, all the while doing something productive and positive for ourselves as well as our environment. But I must say it's a bitch to not be able to embrace those you love. I'm sharing all this to remind everyone including myself, wherever there is a problem there is a solution. We have lots of solutions friends and connecting with Mother Earth is the most basic immune booster. 

There are some guys around who seasoned veterans in growing gardens, some of who could use the work if you happen to have need to get your garden started.

Herbal source Sun Winter Flagstaff 928.274.2884

John Monk "Thunderfoot" has seeds that he has been for years cultivating locally.

928.266-2535 is the only way to get in touch with him. He doesn't do email.

  • He also has to move from where he has been living and is looking for a place in exchange for growing food on site.
  • He is available for hire to come help set you up in your own space with home garden
  • He has a whole bunch of different fruit trees, strawberries and other plants that I need a home

Steve Schliebs one of our local master carpenters is also a master gardener. He has been growing trees and gardens and vegetation more then any other local that I know personally. Great resource to get your garden going and building anything you need like grow boxes etc. 928.301.1372 text or call him here.

Adam Yellowbird has land and has work days and crews which can always use your support. Everyone can reach Adam at his site

Joel Miller has earth worm farms...

More to come but if you would like to stay in touch in a group I'm starting a forum on my World ViewZ social media platform. If you have something to contribute we can reflect with each other in a forum to trim down on emails. Many friends are already there but we will have a place, a touchstone, to stay in touch on what's emerging in this emergency.


Love you all, Aloha, Aroha Nui, In Lak'ech,

The suns out chin up. RDakota

Preventative suggested herbal remedies to boost immunity:

St. John’s Wort 
Lomatium Root
Black Elderberry
Reishi and Agarikon mushroom
Zinc acetate or Zinc gluconate 
Osha, Garlic, Tumeric, Vitamin C
FTT Franks Tooth Tincture weird name but check out there ingredients (my personal go to)
Lots of Laughing in good humor
Outdoors and exercise Vitamin D
I Know many of you know these things so just a reminder, if something new was discovered Hallelujah!


Gregg Braden: 

Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City talks about the Covid-19 virus, what you can do to prevent getting yourself from getting it, and what you should do if you do get it. Watch this 50-minute video. After watching the video please share it with your network of friends and co-workers.
Awaken with JP "Shifting from Panic to Purpose"
Humor Stay'n Inside Parody 

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