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Ohlstadt Bavaria Germany             06.05.95

As the Wolf

Fashioned in sheep's clothing 

Maters of economy 

Tread upon the poor.

Blatant oppression 

comes though the back door.

You can spot 

Them at once,

with their manners 

and kind words.

Trickery has become 

Their soulution,

The future of the World.

Bound by deceit,

Their methods squalor 


Disrupt Harmony

Confuse Peace.


Sacrificing Humanity

In themselves and others

They only seek to count numbers 

Making a mockery 

of Being and it's eternal worth.

Captured by ignorance 

The masses intend not to resist

Dare not defy the system

It's numbers, calculations, and scores.

Who will listen?

Who will acknowledge their voice?

Who will pose the question that should be heard?

When waiting has 

Gone past too late

What can be done

The sky is Crying

As the Sun scorns the Earth

- Robert Dakota

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Comment by Christopher Stewart on December 8, 2020 at 9:36pm

a nice write...

i especially enjoyed the part about « Being and it's eternal worth »...

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