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Channelled through Whitefeather 5/7/09

I come because so many are questioning who or what I am.
I have been known by many names in many lifetimes, my last being Merlin, bard, druid and keeper of wisdom and time. Yes I practiced magick but not what you think magick is. Magick is another form of alchemy, a transmutation of something into something else. Magick is being performed right this minute as my words from another dimension are flowing onto this paper that Whitefeather uses. Magick is a manipulation and transmutation of energies already present, I use Whitefeather’s energies to bring you my words, this is use of true magick.
However, you each perform magick every day of your lives when you make decisions and choices. So many of you are making poor choices at this time and causing yourselves far more pain and anguish than is necessary, all based on fear, acquisition and ego. Some of you lash out at others and make accusations and some of you run and hide whilst still others turn a blind eye and pretend it is not their problem, and so do nothing. Those that do nothing are the ones who are not performing magick in their lives, they stagnate, neither one way or the other. This is no better than using your magick negatively.
Why is it so important that you all know who I am ? What does it matter ? Will knowing me intimately, somehow change your own lives and pettiness ? No dear children. Is it because you all want to be like the ‘Great Merlin’ ? (humph !!) .
I was once merely a man, many times over, who chose to live in touch with my soul self, with my ancestral heritage, and so work with the wisdom and knowledge I held inside myself. You, You are all capable of being that also. I hear you ask - Is magick good or evil ? Should you perform magick ? Oh children, children, you are all already performing it, every minute or every day of your lives.
Some of it appears evil, such as when you choose not to reach out to another who seeks your help, love or sustenance, or when you choose to harm another being, creature or the Earth Mother herself. Some of it is good, as when you choose to offer a helping hand to someone in need, when you give of yourself eve though it may cause you pain or heartache, when you make choices based on the greater good of all concerned, rather than from self greed or gratification.
True magick is focusing your intentions on something larger than yourself, all of time, all of the universe and knowing the consequences of your actions will not harm another in any way.
Magick is therefore neither good nor evil, it is your own intentions which influence the state of magick, good or evil, black or white, magick has no colour without your intentions. You could say another word for magick is responsibility. Being responsible for your intentions is good magick. You all have within you the ancient knowledge of magick, connectedness and alchemy, yet so few of you are using it wisely at this time. Most in your human society throw lightening bolts of anger at another and these hold magick just as strong as acts of love and kindness.
The state of magick in your world is or I might say, should be, held in balance like everything else in the universe. Currently, magick in your world is out of balance in favour of your darker intentions. Wars, greed, fear and all the negative things I have spoken on in recent months, along with numerous others like myself, as we will continue to do, until humanity pauses and rethinks the use of magical energies.
Time is unending, time is not linear, it will not run out, you may destroy yourselves, you may destroy your world as you know it, but all things will continue to exist. Why you all fret so much over this issue of time, of magick, of the unseen energies amuses us and saddens at the same time. Nothing is unseen, it is all there before you, it is you who are not looking. Your focus of intention is buried inside yourselves and what you think you want, need or feel. (Sighs ).
The power of your words are unseen unless you write them down, the power of your moving pictures are unseen unless you turn on the box (TV), the colours of your energy fields are unseen unless you open your third eye and look.
Everything remains unseen unless you choose to see it. Magick then, is about waking up, seeing all the things that are around you and actively working to create something positive with what you see. This is good magick, because it’s affects benefit the whole universe.
So….Who am I ? I am a being who over eons of lives has chosen to work with the unseen energies of magick, trying to help others understand the workings of their universe and their place within it and how they may perform magick and alchemy with ease if they so choose. Still I continue with this quest even now. So I leave you with a question or two - Who are you ? How do you use magick ?
My Blessings Always dear children, Merlin.

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Comment by Patty/Peacemaker on July 28, 2009 at 10:12am
Awesome, Merlin......glad He chose to stay in the invisible world. Very interesting.

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