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Merlin. 9/4/11

Channelling through Whitefeather

I come today to speak of the rising fears amongst the human population.  There is much happening on your Earth plane at this time and much controversy in the media forums of your world,  and so many of you are feeling confused, insecure, worried, frightened and some, even panic stricken.

These attitudes are doing little to help your own personal and the overall planetary ascension process at this time.   I have reiterated many… Continue

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latest channelling

Channeling by Merlin, Jesus & Various Ascended Beings.

(this was channelled the morning after the solar eclipse/new moon in Cancer, 12.7.2010, there were several beings here and I lost track of who was speaking when, there seemed so many messages coming through, so I hope it is readable and not too fragmented - as always, for your own discernment.)

The Genesis of Life, new beginnings, small steps on life’s journey, the divine is always with you. The power of God, the… Continue

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Philosophers Stone - Merlin channelling

Merlin Channelled by Whitefeather 28/07/09

The Philosophers Stone

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to speak regarding the Philosophers Stone, that elusive piece of the jigsaw of life. I have explained both magick and alchemy to you in recent moons (months), magick being the direction and use of energy and alchemy being the transformation of one thing into another. Both magick and alchemy work hand in hand, but still so many of you struggle with this concept and this is where the… Continue

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Merlins Magick channelling

Channelled through Whitefeather 5/7/09

I come because so many are questioning who or what I am.

I have been known by many names in many lifetimes, my last being Merlin, bard, druid and keeper of wisdom and time. Yes I practiced magick but not what you think magick is. Magick is another form of alchemy, a transmutation of something into something else. Magick is being performed right this minute as my words from another dimension are flowing onto this paper that Whitefeather… Continue

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Kuan Yin with Merlin channelling

Channelled through Whitefeather 6.07.09

Beloved My Dearest

I come to speak to you this day, with the Master MErlin at my side, to talk to you about the great energetic frequencies that are occurring during this time. We stand ready to assist each and every one of you, for these energies are deeply cleansing and deeply purging, many will feel overwhelmed by events. This will require awareness, discipline, and constant re-affirmation of your vision for your new Earth reality in… Continue

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Merlins latest

Channelling from Merlin with Hilarion through Whitefeather 5/6/09

I come to address all Lightworkers.

Dear ones, it is time once again to still your minds and hear the words I come to share, for they will be of comfort to many of you in these changing times on your Earth plane. Yet, I understand that there will also be many who read and scoff at my words, or those being given by other Masters at this time. But take heart dear Lightworkers, for there are equally as many who,… Continue

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Merlin's mirror. Channelled by whitefetaher 15/4/09

Mirrors, mirrors of the world, it is time for reflection, for looking at what is being done to your planet, to your lives, to the lives of every living creature. For too many long dark moons, you have taken and plundered the Earths resources and still you hunger for more, for greed, for what your neighbours mirror appears to be reflecting, but it only reflects an outer image, it does not reflect the true self inside. This is another form of the alchemy of which I have spoken before, two… Continue

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