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Sjoerd is the founder and Guardian of Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth. He has dedicated himself to be in service to Pachamama and this has led him on amazing journeys, heart opening experiences and deep understandings about our time and our role as people upon this Earth.

By creating a platform with an attuned audience and network of connections worldwide Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth is able to share and carry the current messages of the Ancient Ones out into the world without losing the sacred connections to its messengers, our older Brothers and Sisters, our awakened Indigenous leaders and wisdom keepers.

Sjoerd has an intimate open heart connection to the Ancient World and through this he is working for and with many Grandmothers, Elders and Wisdom Keepers around the world on many different levels of reality. He finds himself travelling as a runner, crystal carrier and messenger on behalf of the ancient world. Foremost Sjoerd is here to serve in the many Earth roles he finds himself in. Proud father of two children he trusts that his contribution makes a difference to the New Earth that we are here for, to bring into manifestation.

Since birth Sjoerd has been a student of the Language of Images and as student he continues to learn how to step into the visioning field and put into words the formless dreams about true community, the collective feelings of what life in the New Earth would look like.

One day Sjoerd will be providing teachings and workshops to assist and facilitate transformation on a broader level of human experience, dealing with the integration and manifestation of New Earth living. Currently he is grateful to be in service to Pachamama, his local community and the Ancient Ones that he works with.

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Quest of the Kogi Mamos - the Gathering of Elders

Posted on August 17, 2011 at 4:36am

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Global Tuning Events
Here you will read everything about upcoming Global Tuning Events and how to attend from wherever you are.

Full Moon Global Tuning to the New Earth Conscious Grid ~during every Full Moon

The aim of theFull Moon Tuning to Mother Earths New Consciousness Grid is to work on multiple levels of reality and affect the collective consciousness. The effects of this "tuning in" is that more bandwidth and download speed becomes available to all humans, so that the upcoming collective Shift becomes easier to navigate and most important, to be in.

Hardly any people are aware of this New Earth Grid, though many of you might have learned more about it through Drunvalo's documentary; Birth of a New Humanity. (if not read up on this)

As life, in fact, is simple and harmonious this is less complicated than we think, however a state of love or appreciation is an essential part of this work.

What to do as a basic outline on this day:

Upon awakening remind yourself about the intention you have set for this day. Take some time to bring yourself in loving connection with Mother Earth before you start your day.

Think of a place in Nature that you love. Feel this love and expand this love so that you can experience this growing love for all of Nature. Become aware of this love as you focus your center of attention to in your heart.

From your heart, send this pure love down to the earth. Believe and know that Mother Earth will receive it, she is always there. Visualize this love embracing the Mother. As you are in a state of love , know that you are and have always been loved by your Mother.

Now slowly bring your attention to this "new consciousness grid" that is surrounding the earth. Even if you don't know what this is just request of yourself, through love, to become aware of this New Grid and allow yourself to connect to it.

This Grid is an electromagnetic grid that is there for us, visualize it as golden streams of light in sacred geometrical patterns surrounding the earth. Just observe, be still, feel and send love into this grid, it is a part of the new You!

If you want you can send your love into this grid and know that by connecting to this Grid and sharing your love with it you open up the path, you broaden the bandwidth so that others can access this new field more easily.

You can stay or surf this new Grid for as long as you want, when you are ready just come back to this reality, ground yourself and start your day. Remind yourself during the rest of your day of your attunement to Mother Earth and her New Grid. This is important because as you remember this and go through the experience in your head again, you are sending these thoughts into the current consciousness field, creating a new accessible cloud of knowing or accessible experience for all others around you.

You affect reality all the time, become a conscious co creator of this shift in awareness.

Thank yourself as Mother Earth thanks you.




Note: In the future we will all be connecting to this New grid. It is ours. It is the New Human Consciousness Grid for you, me and all other human beings.

Though vast levels of science and thousands of years of preparation on many levels of creation have been dedicated to making this grid available to the people of earth, it has only been able to manifest, and created, by one source of energy; LOVE, Universal unconditional love.

For more information on the authentic message of the MAYA and how they see humanity going through the Shift of the Ages:

Please consider becoming an ambassador:
Shift of the Ages Film

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At 5:25pm on January 6, 2011, BingBengBong said…

Hey Dear One!!!

Greetings, Yo saludo a tu luz hermano!!!!

Estamos conectados, gracias por tu mensaje!!! Un feliz dia!!!

Tlazokamati (Lo qe viene de mi boca, viene de mi corazon y es para ti)!!!

Comungemos en el silencio de nuestros corazones La Graca Divina qe llega dia a dia màs y màs a este sistema solar!!!!

Un Abrazo y un Saludo a tu luz!!!

At 5:04am on January 6, 2011, Rafa Ellan said…

thanks for finding me and adding me.

peace and good will,


Rafa Ellan

At 10:26pm on January 5, 2011, kevin bernal said…
thank you ,I saw the videos that D.M.made available on youtube.great work.and i did not know I was go to help.prayer was Answered.thank you.
At 7:48am on December 9, 2010, Sabine said…
Hi Sjoerd,
thank you for information
I will be with a group in the
Cheops Pyramide on 21.12.2010
blessings Sabine
At 6:06pm on December 8, 2010, kevin bernal said…
thank you .your page is relaxing,
At 5:49pm on October 10, 2010, nigel stauffer said…
Blessing my new friend Sjoered,very happy to meet you ,i must say i very much like your music on your page ,,,tribaly soothing,,,,I am new to this site and am looking forward to getting to know the site and its occupants,,Peace my friend,,,
At 2:22pm on September 28, 2010, Ian Clayton said…
Hiya Sjoerd, great to meet you and learn about you and your work. The work with the new grid is very familiar to me as I have been entering and visiting it regularly with a group that are based in Hawai'i. The details of their "visits" can be found on Thanks for sharing the details of the Shift of the Ages info...will have a good look at that.
All the best to you and yours, many blessings....Ian
At 2:56am on September 28, 2010, Kereru said…
Paimarire 'Good Peace', Sjoerd,
Beautiful time for us All to link up..I do enjoy being an Ambassador of the Light; and am blessed to be in a community where we join in our 'Circle of Love' at our "Stargate of Hope"; which is a very powerful multidimensional gateway to the Stars&beyond! I am grateful to be linked with The Star Elders...The Pleiadian Emmisaries Of The Light & Masters who have shared Ancient Wisdom with me and am doing my best to get it out to the World! So once again...blessings for this linkup...its Our time to Shine as We Reflect 'As Above...So Below'! Nga Manaaki..'Blessings'! Kirar 'Ancient Star name'!
At 11:21pm on September 27, 2010, Renate said…
Thank you for connecting and adding me as friend. The FullMoon Tuning is a deep subject for us, you spoke so right. Will feel your presence next FullMoon experience when I will do ceremony somewhere in nature connecting with my spiritual family. Love and light Renate
At 3:16pm on September 27, 2010, Maria Ramos-Yoo said…
Thanks for adding me. Your site is very cool... will have to take some more time to look through it. Beautiful!

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