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Merlin. 9/4/11
Channelling through Whitefeather

I come today to speak of the rising fears amongst the human population.  There is much happening on your Earth plane at this time and much controversy in the media forums of your world,  and so many of you are feeling confused, insecure, worried, frightened and some, even panic stricken.
These attitudes are doing little to help your own personal and the overall planetary ascension process at this time.   I have reiterated many times already, the power of this Master 11 year.  This is your make or break year as you say, now or never.  Yet instead of working on raising your own energies,  many are caught in the energies of others who bombard you with information which is bewildering, and for some, incomprehensible.
We ascended beings have listened to the conversations of many of you, we watch the flow of your news information services, and there is much fear growing within some who do not understand. as others do.
WE call upon all light workers to have patience and to help and assist those who do not understand the changes taking place.   Whilst it is pertinent to your survival, your continued growth,  to be aware of the possibilities surrounding you all at this time, there is also a call for much discernment to be used when receiving this information. There is truth in everything, but how diluted, distorted, contorted and reversed it has become, is something each of you must learn to discern for yourselves. For none of it need be the truth.  Why is this ?  How can that be ?   Because the future, predestined to a certain degree, is still subject to change at any given moment dependent on many factors.  And you dear children,  are the most important factor of all.  You, collectively and personally,  have created this chaotic, traumatic, downward spiral you find yourself in after years of greed and destruction. And now, even on the brink of annihilation,  still you fight amongst yourselves as to who is right and who is wrong, always looking for a reason, for someone else whose fault it is that your planet is being destroyed, whether  on a     personal, governmental, global or galactic level.
Whilst you are busy blaming you are lowering your own energies whilst also adding to the destructive forces at work in your world.  There are still wars based on greed, lack of tolerance and understanding, diseases such as cancers, aids, ebola, that are eating away at you all, quite literally,  earthquakes, tsunami’s. volcanic eruptions, floods and tornado’s which are all increasing everywhere, there is genocide and mass obliteration of human ways of life on an unprecedented scale, financial collapse, everything falling apart.  The Earth Mother is shifting Her position, Her landscapes, Her polarity. Yet there is also an increase in the visitations of Ascended beings and planetary beings, trying to work with lightworkers to assist humanity.
You cannot change these things, but you can change the way you react to them, work with them,  perceive them, and ultimately, be affected by them. 
I spoke a couple of years ago about Atlantis and that it would rise once more, not as a place of physicality,  but as  a place within yourselves, within the energy of the Earth.  I spoke that lands would indeed rise above the oceans, whilst others would disappear, watch for this, it will come to pass. 
I spoke also of the white robed ones in purple. This is happening now, the robes of the light workers are pure white energy that holds the violet flame of compassion within itself at its heart.  This is happening now, as light workers gather to send violet light out into the world.

The ancient ones are again reaching out to speak with those who would listen, watch and understand for the whisper in the raging winds, carved out in the reshaping of the lands, scorched into the Earth by the flow of red fire,  and in the fury that ravages the Earth Mother,  washed clean again by Her rising waters.
These things have been prophesised many times and are now becoming your reality.   Let now the ancient wisdoms speak to your heart and awaken your souls,  let yourselves be at one with the sounds, rhythms and colours, the sacred beat of the Earth Mother.
We are all here to assist you, Hatribarti, Sularraan, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and so many more.  For you have walked on the Moon,  explored other planets and galaxies with your technologies,  yet you cannot walk upon your own planet in balance and harmony.
It is this separation from the Earth Mother that causes you to feel so lost.  There is much happening in your solar system as the planets work to align themselves in ways they have not done for thousands of years.  There will be much more Earth changes but also changes within each of you on an individual level,  there will be moments of brilliance, connections to all that  is, there will be abundance and bliss, yet there will be moments of despair & despondency. Many will have flashes of past existences which will open up new abilities for many.
The Earth accepts and flows with what the seasons bring each day, She works with the Sun & Rain to produce abundant and lush life and life sustaining plants.   You too must work with your own changes and seasons, when you experience sunshine, build your lives and a sustaining world for all. On your days of rain and despondency, work to know and understand yourself. When you work with the inner self and the planetary energies offered to you, you will progress faster than you imagine possible.

This is a time of truths, but which truths do you follow with so many being broadcast at present ?  What was once hidden will be revealed, on many levels, but many are already corrupting these truths for their own gratification. So many times we have come amongst you over the eons and gifted a few enlightened souls with the ability to know wisdoms, but now we are here in far greater numbers for still you do not listen or take heed.   From the smallest to the largest, you must take heed & become discerning of what other humans are insisting is right.  We will work with all who will listen, but as humans, when our words are spread amongst you, each has the ability to change our words for their own well being and so the information becomes distorted and you cannot know which is correct and which is fear based sensationalism.  How to know ?  How to be discerning ? By listening to us direct, do not wait for another to tell you what is or is not happening.  Search & research for yourselves, make informed choices and judgements,  whether right or wrong,  it is not your place to determine of others,  but only for yourself, within yourself.   For what each believes is their truth, it may be different from your truth, but neither is wrong. Each will be at the place they need to be at when the ascension process completes.  What each of you as individuals needs to do is to be in a state of comfort within yourselves,  comfortable and balanced, living in your own truth, not someone else’s.
When one lives in ones own truth, your vibration is pure white with the purple flame of love and compassion burning within, the pure power and energy will touch others and spread right around your environment.   Becoming angered that another cannot see your way of being, cannot see the truths you hold and see, is simply denying yourself and them of your beautiful pure energy.  Anger and all the emotions that feed from it,  are dark, negative energies that feed the fears of your planet,  stepping away from this is a necessary, nay vital part of your evolution process, you can and must become the light.
No longer can “I don’t know, I don’t understand, I am confused”   be tolerated, it is  up to you all now, NOW, to make it your business, your life work, to know, to understand and to walk that which is your truth, based on all the facts you have availed yourself of.  Pretending you do not understand or that you are not interested because you feel “it is not real”  is giving in to the dark energies of destruction.    Children,  you are all, ALL, of you here for a Divine purpose, it is not a purpose of self gratification through acquisition at another’s expense,  but a purpose of loving and serving yourself, others and the Earth Mother,  with Love, Compassion and Balance.  You only face traumas and hardships in your personal lives because of your denials and refusals to awaken to the truths presented, and to discern for yourselves that which is harmonious for the greater good of all as opposed to an individual or a corporation.

You are each Divine beings and have a power and energy of purity and light to share, this is your truth, you are Divine beings that must again begin  to live and breathe that Divinity.  Bring your truth, your light to the fore again dear children with sacred acts, meditation, loving, healing rituals, by living in your own truth and not denying another their own truth no matter how different from your own.
As individuals you all have far more power than you realize and are capable of healing life’s situations,  yet collectively, that power is beyond many of your current levels of comprehension at this time.
This is a time of many truths to suit many levels of being,  each is where they are until they learn to understand and work with their own truths, and if you are not in your truth of purity, love, healing and compassion, then only the darker, negative energies can manifest in your life,  and you cannot blame anyone else for that, not individuals, not governments, not galactic being.  No one but yourselves for forgetting your own truths and own Divinity
The time is NOW to work for the greater whole,  even though you may feel the need to work on your personal lives because it is not as abundant as you would wish,  you must understand that to work for the self only is self defeating, as the greater force is in the whole, not the individual.  Work for the greater whole and the greater whole will provide for you in ways you never thought possible. 
Fill your being with sacredness,  beauty and love, and watch these things fill your world.   Collectively humanity is a strong force to be reckoned with, will you be on the side of destruction or the side of enlightenment ?  As always dear ones, the your choice is your own.
In the pure white energy and purple flame of love,  Merlin. 

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Comment by Helen M. Downs on April 13, 2011 at 5:35pm
Thanks for this.

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