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Channeling by Merlin, Jesus & Various Ascended Beings.
(this was channelled the morning after the solar eclipse/new moon in Cancer, 12.7.2010, there were several beings here and I lost track of who was speaking when, there seemed so many messages coming through, so I hope it is readable and not too fragmented - as always, for your own discernment.)

The Genesis of Life, new beginnings, small steps on life’s journey, the divine is always with you. The power of God, the Universe, is yours to command, bring those energies to you through prayer and daily meditations. Daughters and Sons of the Earth, learn to feel again the pulse of the Earth Mother beneath your feet, step once more upon your life’s path, some may not always travel with you, it does not stem from your differences, you will remain fellow travellers but paths will separate, there is much work to be done upon the Earth and humanity must now move away from the constraints of the material world, you are looked after, trust this process. In your material world, what appears to be loss, is merely the changes that are necessary to place you in the right space for your future work. Those that do not make this journey with you are not meant to be upon this journey with you. Understand that.
Open you eyes Dear Ones and know the beauty and divinity that is within you. You are as powerful as Merlin for he is within you. You are as compassionate as Jesus for he is within you. You are the Violet Flame and the cleansing Waters, you are the sacred Breath of Life and you are the Earth and bones of manifestation. You are all the elements, you are the God and the Goddess.

Miracles will happen when you trust and believe in them, feel the future in your heart, see it in your minds eye, speak of it in the present tense and hear only the positives that will make it happen. You are your future wherever you go and the universe supports you at this time. You are the God and the Goddess, you are all that you desire to be and more. The abundance of beauty and peace that you all desire already flows towards you, but you must be ready to accept it, welcome it and act like it is already here.
Dear children, there is no need for poverty in your world, in your life, in your purse, it is all in the state of your mind, allow yourself to believe in abundance and you shall have it.

Seek solace with the Earth Mother, and with all Ascended Beings for we are with you. Just call or whisper our names and we are with you in an instant of your time.
Rituals and ceremony are not important to us, but they are important to you, to humanity, for they keep your minds focused in divinity, on service to the greater good of all life, in beauty and in love, they provide you with a sacred space in which to still yourselves enough to hear us and in this stillness your awareness heightens and allows us to speak with you on a clearer vibration. We are speaking with you all every second of everyday, but unless you are in a sacred space and in stillness, you do not hear us.

It is a time of awakening for many, but is on many levels and not all will awaken at the same pace or in the same way. Few will have the ability to communicate with us in this way, but those that do must share these words within your circles, both small and large, near or far. It is these actions that draw the positive energies to you and the abundance you seek.
Abundance must be used wisely, it is not for personal greed, it must be for the greater good of the Earth Mother and Her elements and all Her children. We know many of you are sickened by the activities of the few occurring in the sacred waters of the Earth Mother, many of you feel helpless and think because you do not live in that area or because you do not have much money to send, that you cannot help. We know many of you are using regular prayers and ceremonies for this purpose, your continued prayers and good wishes are still needed as are your daily actions. For this whole process is not a lesson in whom to hate, but is to serve to awaken you all, not just to the atrocities and the black blood of Gaia flowing unimpeded into Her sacred Waters, but to how lightly you each walk upon the Earth Mother, how you conduct your daily requirements, how you provide for yourselves. This may seem a mundane circumstance to be voicing here today, but it is your own power, how you use the power of money and trade, this is your power of exchange for the things you need in your daily lives, it is the intent of magick and alchemy.
Your intent when in ceremony or ritual may be admirable, but all the human race must now ask themselves if their intent follows through into their everyday lives and to the places where you use your power of money ?
Your money is nothing but paper and worthless metals, it has no more value than a piece of soil under your feet, yet, like that soil, it is also a sacred part of your lives. You have choices each moment of your lives to use good intent and purpose just as if you were in ceremony. This is powerful magick. Next time you open your purses to pay for something, stop and take a moment to think about how that object you wish to purchase has made its journey to your hands, who and what had to suffer to make it so ? Merlin energies force you to question yourselves and this is the state of alchemy - a chemical process where opposing forces come together to create something new - a new way of being. What are you creating with your alchemy ? Are your purchases adding to the destruction of the Earth Mother and Her children ? Remember, you too are children of the Earth Mother !
Are you sending a negative energy into the world with your purchasing magick ?

We call to you all at this time to assess your own lives , do not judge another, be instead judge only of yourself, then when you stand before the God and the Goddess you will stand in purity and love and will become the world you are searching for.
All answers are within you now, for we are within you and therefore you have the choice every moment of your lives to change your world for a better one, simply because of how you use your magick. Become the powerful beings you all are and work your own magick in every aspect of your lives, be the alchemical constituent you think is missing - for dear ones, you are what is missing !
Why do you persist in thinking the magick and the miracles are outside of yourselves ? They are within each and everyone one of you and you must believe that and work your magick accordingly.
You are responsible for the things happening on your Earth Mother yet so few of you are ready to accept responsibility and that admission of guilt and change your lives accordingly. The time is NOW for each of you to step up to the bridge and cross the turbulent waters of life, to begin creating positive magick, and a beautiful, sustainable world where all ALL life lives in balance and harmony.

This is a time of judgement, but not of others, not of you by unseen Gods, but of you by yourselves. Are you being the world you wish to be living in ? Are you all the things you wish to see in others ? Are you a truly magickal person creating beauty and balance by your own process of alchemy ? Are you …………………?

Blessings from the Company of Ascended Souls.

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